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The Bunny Hole

Bijgewerkt op: 12 apr. 2021

collaboration with Marcel van der Grijn

Art performance installation

Supported by: Nowhere Art Grand Fund

Location: Nowhere Art festival Spain

The Bunny Hole is an adventure to discover for your senses. This art performance installation takes you on an explorative journey where the esthetics of art, performances and music come together. A 15 meter tall rabbit, laying in the desert, with a carrot next to him. From the outside you explore a beautifull construction, a true pleasure for your eye. Some off the visitors found the entrance off the bunny. Through the hole you could enter the bunny's tummy, head and the carrot. Inside the visitor entercountered different art experiences and explorations. Once you entered the hole you would become a guest from the bunny living in the installation. The interaction with the bunny, the elements inside would result in a personal playfull journey where your senses are stimulated.

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